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We're Leaving X. This is Why.

After a period of reflection and an assessment of our current activity on social media platforms, the Metropolitan Milwaukee Fair Housing Council has decided that it will no longer participate on X, formerly known as Twitter.

The owner of X has made his personal brand synonymous with the platform, giving him outsized power to shape the conversations that happen there. His direct amplification of antisemitic messages and his tacit approval of hate speech on X is in direct conflict with the values of the Metropolitan Milwaukee Fair Housing Council. While we hold a dual commitment to free speech and to the fight against hate, we and all others must exercise careful discernment when deciding how we hold those commitments simultaneously. We acknowledge that others may arrive at different conclusions, but in good conscience, we have determined that to participate on a platform that is so clearly out of alignment with our values would be a form of silent complicity with hate.

Words have meaning and consequences, especially during a time when hate crimes are spiking. We will never normalize hate speech and its effects. We will never be silent. Please look for the Fair Housing Council on other social media, on our website, and by signing up for news updates at


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