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Fair Housing Council Statement on Black Lives Matter and Justice-Making

The Metropolitan Milwaukee Fair Housing Council mourns with our community for lives lost to violence and racism, and stands with all people striving to create justice.

Are you looking for ways to take action?

In humility, we know don’t have all the answers, but suggest that there are many, many ways to channel our rage and grief effectively and strategically.

There is a place for everyone in anti-racism work. No one person or organization can do it all, but together, our collective power is transformative.

A few possibilities to consider, based on your specific time, temperament, abilities and resources:

· Thoughtful direct protest.

· Volunteering time on projects that meet immediate community needs.

· Volunteering time with projects that dismantle entrenched systemic inequality.

· Prioritizing your financial gifts to organizations and projects that include efforts to expand racial equity.

· Speaking out for justice, by talking with your circles, communicating with your elected officials, writing letters to the editorial pages of your newspapers, and showing up at public hearings.

Please stand with us as we say, unequivocally:

Black lives matter in every city, in every neighborhood, in every rural town and every village in Wisconsin.

But that statement only has meaning if we work to make it a reality.

We pledge to do so, and invite you to work side-by-side with us.


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