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Inclusive Communities Program

MMFHC recognizes that fair housing, fair lending and affordable housing are related needs for Wisconsin residents.

MMFHC is involved in a variety of forms of affordable housing advocacy in metropolitan Milwaukee, including:

Support of Pro-Integrative Housing Choices

Through its newest program component, the Inclusive Communities Program, MMFHC is developing activities to support housing consumers who wish to make pro-integrative moves. People of color and people with low and moderate incomes are often segregated in housing that limits access to employment opportunities, school options and more. For many households, lengthy commutes and lack of transportation between home, work or school make it impossible to maintain steady employment. MMFHC is partnering with other organizations to connect employment and housing services so that families can find homes in close proximity to jobs, schools and other resources. This helps families develop stable lives, assists employers in developing a stable workforce, and is good for the environment.

Planning for Fair Growth and Smart Growth

Wisconsin's Smart Growth law requires that by 2010, most land use policy must be based on a local comprehensive plan. The law mandates that such comprehensive plans include a housing element, and thus poses a unique and urgent opportunity for fair growth advocates to promote housing policy that results in expanded housing choices for people of color, people with disabilities, and households with low and moderate incomes. MMFHC has been involved in this issue from its inception.

MMFHC staff is playing a role as the counties in metropolitan Milwaukee engage in housing planning efforts. MMFHC's advocacy for affordable housing in county planning efforts makes a positive impact on housing choice in the region.

Southeastern Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission Organizing

The Southeastern Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission (SEWRPC) is the regional planning body that makes recommendations to municipalities on a variety of planning issues: housing, transportation, environment, water supply, land use etc. MMFHC staff works to ensure that SEWRPC planning includes consideration of the needs of low-income and minority communities and persons with disabilities. In August 2007, after years of advocacy by MMFHC and other organizations, the Environmental Justice Task Force was convened to review aspects of SEWRPC's planning to ensure inclusivity.

Housing Trust Funds

A housing trust fund is a public revenue source intended to support production and preservation of local affordable housing and other housing-related services for low- and moderate-income households.

MMFHC staff was instrumental in establishing a housing trust fund for the City of Milwaukee, and is currently involved in efforts to begin housing trust funds in Milwaukee and Waukesha Counties.

Milwaukee and Waukesha Housing Coalitions

Waukesha's Housing Action Coalition and Milwaukee's Housing Coalition are important resources for dissemination fair and affordable housing information as well as connecting with other organizations. These coalitions assist in developing stronger relationships with other housing advocates and increase opportunities for collaboration.

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